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Irradiance absolute calibration of spectroradiometers in laboratory



The procedure followed to transfer the irradiance scale from two NIST traceable DXW 1000 watt lamps during the First Iberian Intercomparison of UV instruments (INTA-CEDEA, El Arenosillo, Huelva) is described. The operational procedure followed in the laboratory uses a third DXW 1000 watt seasoned lamp. We describe how this lamp is calibrated and used during the calibration of the instruments to increase the live-time of the standard lamps. The scheme of the designed laboratory to maintain the accuracy and precision of the distance between the optical input of the instruments with regard to the lamp, its vertical alignment, and the current throughout the calibration process is described. During the three days of calibration in laboratory the standard deviations varied from a minimum of ±0.0006 up to a maximum of ±0.0024 amperes (0.03% error with regard to the set-point current of 8 amperes).



Francisco Expósito (fexposit@ull.es)